Jesus Appears to Mother of Murdered Children/Grands

ROCKFORD — Six years after a Rockford woman tragically lost her daughter and two grandsons in a quadruple homicide, she says she’s chosen to forgive the killer.

“By the grace of God, he has given me peace,” said Rolanda Collins, who spent the anniversary of their death last weekend surrounded by family. There was no special memorial or tribute, just a place of love, she said.

Collins’ daughter, Martia Flint, was at home with her two sons, Tyrone Smith III, 6, and Tobias K. Smith, 4, and her boyfriend, Demontae Rhodes, on Dec. 20, 2014, when all four were shot to death.

Tyrone and Tobias

Calvin L. Carter, 28, who has ties to Rockford and the St. Louis area, was convicted of the killings and sentenced to four life terms plus 280 years in prison.

Since the trial ended in 2017, Collins has relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she has joined World Outreach and Bible Training Center. Her new church home has provided support and comfort over the years, and that’s where she found the strength to forgive Carter.

“There’s a group at the church called the Healing Clinic. I ended up going there one day because I needed healing. It was imparted to me that I needed to forgive my daughter’s murderer in order to become free. “I decreed and declared, ‘I forgive you Calvin Carter, for what you took from me, for what you did to my daughter and my grandchildren.’ I said it and I said it from my heart. My life has not been the same since. I have found so much peace and I’ve developed a deeper level with Christ.”

What wasn’t contained in this article was the appearance of the “Healing Rooms” for which I founded and led a team who were leaning healing ministry. On this night when Rolanda declared healing over the murderer, she came into the clinic in desperate need. About 5 years had gone by since the quadruple murder. I sat at the end of the conference table that facilitated prayer and conversation. I asked her why she was here this night and she replied with the story you already read. The team began to jump in and gave her scripture. That was good, but I knew she already had 5 years of counseling and nothing worked so far, what could we say or do to help now?

Once she completed the story and the team chided in, I listened giving each and opportunity to help her. With 10 minutes left for the clinic I stood from my seat and walked over to her and declared to her that tonight this oppression and anxiety leaves you.

You know there has to be a place in us when “enough is enough.” Before saying that I already knew Jesus wanted to appear to her but I did not know how. My wife got up also to assist me. She knows the look on my face when God is up to something.

I knew this would not take long if Jesus shows up. I also knew most counselors are more interested in what “they know” compared to what Jesus can do. My (our) job is to bring heaven to earth as believers. Then we follow His instructions and things get “done.” What we seldom understand is that Jesus wants to do this stuff more than we want too. He also does not like wasting a lot of time.

I saw in my mind an image of a big wooden door while Rolanda sat in front of it. I took my knuckles and knocked twice on the wooded conference table and asked Rolanda if she could see the door? She said “no.” I knocked again on the table and asked again, “can you see it?” This time she said yes! I told her to open the door. She paused reluctantly. All of us wondered what would happen. She used her hand to turn the handle and pull the door open. Without any of us being able to see what she saw, the room was filled with crying and weeping. I knew Jesus was going to appear to her but I did not know who else would be there. I asked again, “Rolanda what do you see? Tell us! She told us the that her grandsons and daughter were there They were talking to her and saying, “we are OK? We are having fun here.” Her daughter also said, we are fine Mom, don’t worry about us! A pause was needed so we could all cry as Rolanda told us what she saw. Then I asked, Rolanda look up, what do you see? She said a bright light, it’s the glory of Jesus. I further instructed her to invite Him in and tell Him you need a long hug. They both did that. Next I knew she needed to forgive the killer. I asked if Jesus was speaking to her and she said “yes, he wants me to forgive Calvin, the murderer. Rolanda blurted out forgiveness to him, although he was not there.

Following that you could feel the room get light. All the anxiety and oppression left Rolanda. She was free.

True Stories From America

Early when this stuff started happening to me over and over again, I went through a stage of “what really just happened” as the memories produced scenes in my recall. Each day it happened was just like any other day. Right leg down my pants then the left. You know probably the same way everyone else does it. I have a masters in Math/Science and my career employed my knowledge base daily. I’m now nearing 500 healing miracles in the last 6 years. I do keep some tracking because I am always feeling the challenge to do better.

Recently a diagnoses of heart disease and diabetes level in some blood work became an over the phone prayer. It took me maybe a minute with a short interview. I always ask questions about symptoms before I pray. The diagnosis follow up by Docs was scheduled for a month after the initial diagnoses. 2 weeks ago a phone call came and guess what? Diabetes and heart disease no longer there.

Last Sunday I talked to my baby sister who lives very close to San Francisco. We talk often in a months time especially since COVID hit and just about destroyed her catering business there. She talked on her way home because her sinus pressure was way to high from the strong winds in California stirring up all kinds of trouble for allergy people. As the conversation was winding down, I said Laura, let me pray for your sinus. Sure, she said. A quick prayer of command for all sinus pressure to leave happened as fast as you could read the words here. Seconds later, wow I feel so much better, the pressure is gone!

A sharp knife scored 4 fingers requiring repair surgery of all 4 fingers followed up by extensive physical therapy leaving range of motion at 80%. I held her hand and immediately she felt snapping. 3 of the 5 fingers went to 100% range of motion and the 4th finger went to 90%.

If you are a believer and a student of Jesus then you know that believing qualifies you for doing the same works that Jesus did. I have believed for many years. You could say my believing has grown but I have to say that the miracles happened “before” my belief got stronger. This is really happening in America. I know I am one of so many more like me. Men and women who believe and want to believe more because He (Jesus) has great credibility and an amazing history of doing things scientifically unexplainable. Today, right leg in the pants first, then the left. Making some breakfast now.

Essential Worker Status

What are we thinking?  

I woke up thinking about my retirement investments that I watch weekly for their performance.  I’m already at retirement age so my investing scheme should be more laid back and allow my assets to grow slow and protect what I have most importantly as opposed to riskier investments that could shake my base.  My thinking then shifted to some of my riskier time spent.  Preaching the gospel, the good news with signs wonders and miracles following.  In comparison to the retirement investment thoughts there is a huge difference.  Just like the financial market it watch production. In comparison my results in the gospel were not conservative, they were bullish. About 90% of those I reached out to with the good news that Jesus heals were healed.  I know the percentage is quite high by comparison, but that is why I kept track.  I wanted results or else I was likely doing something wrong.  An example to what I am saying is when I prayed for certain illnesses, the person carrying that illness/injury would not get healed.  This caused me to go to Jesus and check my approach, how is my pride?  Was my combined faith, belief, love levels healthy? Was I growing in my authority?  Was I intimidated by the impossibility?  After 5 years in training in this new development of ministry, I definitely had issues  to overcome.  On the contrary, I never had wheel chair bound car accident injuries in my profile either but I do now.  I never had lupus, arthritis, cancer, COPD, spinal injuries, heart disease, diabetes, Achilles, partial blindness, foot injuries, knee injuries either as time went on, now I do.  

In the way I am approaching essential workers in a time of a pandemic lock down, I should have access to hospitals and nursing homes. But I don’t. I am not recognized by the medical community even though my results supersede theirs and my services are already paid for. Something is wrong with this scenario. It’s upside down. In a large way, the atmosphere and lack of belief that the gospel does not work in our communities is that the church does not believe the gospel works like the way Jesus and the Apostles presented it.

Invited To Speak to Career Age

A friend of mine who ran a Christian radio station had started a career/college level group of the radio listeners. He wanted to see if I would co-lead the group with him like an apprentice. I was single in my early 30’s with ministry experience so I seemed like a good candidate. This man was introduced to me and held testimonies of healing in a miraculous way. He had faith for miracles. I was only a part of the group for about a month. My friend then asked me if I could speak and run the meeting while he had to be away. I was delighted to fill the role. I just got back from a conference with John Wimber of the Anaheim Vineyard Christian Fellowship. John was known for miracle healings.

While I was there in Chicago where John was ministering to about 3,000 of us he announced that God wanted to heal backs. A woman sitting directly behind me raised her hand because she has a slipped disc in her back. I joined a few sitting near her and prayed. She had a very quick miracle and was healed. I was pumped, excited and now with that same miracle atmosphere residue was on me before these 80 people gathered for its regular week night meeting slash Bible Study. I spoke out of the gospels and book of Acts. Then I wanted to see if God wanted to do any miracles. I did not know this but many, not all, did not believe that miracles are for today. I gave out three words of knowledge with 3 specific health conditions. Hands went up. People had all 3 conditions. I felt good about that. One of them was the oldest daughter of the mother/wife with the family issue resolved by the visiting prophet. She had the eye condition I named with the specific left or right eye. I was clear about which side. She raised her hand. Along with her on the other side of the meeting room was someone who had an eye condition with the opposite eye. I told that person we would pray for you as well. In a very short prayer done by those sitting near to the ones with those conditions named people began to shout out loud that a miracle happened. Both people with the eye condition were healed. The miracles had the place buzzing with excitement and many people were being touched in powerful ways. Such things were being done sovereignly by God.

Unknown to me however was a rumbling and I was in trouble. The religious attendees began accusing me of witchcraft and sorcery. Those accusations began to empty the room as people who were a part of this meeting poured out into the parking lot and drove away. I stood there all alone and thought, did I do something wrong? It was a strange feeling of rejection. I walked to my car and went home. Although I felt like I ruined the meeting I knew the presence and power of God. I felt peace and the Holy Spirit all over me and encouraging me. The presence and power of God were not strangers to me. The next day I got a phone call from the radio station host. I was getting yelled at. It’s seems he got a lot of phone calls from parents accusing me of witchcraft. I was fired from helping with this youth group on the spot. I felt friendless. Sunday morning came around and the daughter and mother who had already had the prophets supernatural ministry came up to me after the Sunday service. I honestly did not know what to expect. Both mother and daughter told me that the eye could only be fixed with eye surgery. A date was set for a surgery, however after the midweek meeting and the change in her eye she went to see the eye surgeon and he said the condition was gone. No surgery needed. Mom, Dad and daughter all knew another miracle had happened in the family. I got my desire met. So did this family.

In the last year I got to see this brother who fired me from the assistant leadership position. His sister had died. It was about 30 years ago that this incident had happened. While conversing with the family during the wake, one of his neices told my wife about a chronic painful spinal condition. My wife told her about my healing gifts for spinal conditions. She was open to be prayed for. I simply spoke to the specific area of the spine and told it to be healed. I asked her to do something physically to see if something happened. A miracle took place instantly and all the pain was gone. There was nothing any Doctor could do to help her as is the case with so many back issues I seen God heal over the recent 4 years to date of this miracle for her. All the issues in her life from this chronic pain was now gone. It was nothing for God to heal this chronic pain instantly. I knew that because of the long list of miracles like hers that were occurring on a regular basis. This is the nature of a formidable God. He never changes.

The First Miracle at Cana

Far left, long time hand arthritis healed in 77 year old woman. Woman in purple jacket healed with Thyroid condition. Students in this class prayed for healing and 12 miracles took place by Class students.

“This miracle in Cana was the first of the many extraordinary miracles Jesus performed in Galilee. This was a sign revealing his glory, and his disciples believed in him.”  ‭‭John‬ ‭2:11‬ ‭TPT‬‬

How does a reasonable person explain what they saw? Turning water into wine.  Everyone knows that wine is a processed beverage and moreso a fine wine has a master winemakers hand in it becoming fine.  

These men and women witnessed the empty wine vessels and the collection of water in those other purification vessels as they now become a master winemaker’s brew. Not unlike myself the Jews in those days know that you don’t make water out of wine without a specific brewing process. Jesus just did it because His mother asked HIM too. More than that the newly assembled followers witnessed the event. Biblical history decided to include this account because of the eye of witnesses. People actually saw it happen. A witness has huge credibility. We imprison and free people from our justice system by what we witness. A witness has a lot of credibility. All those who saw it also had to process it. A lot to think about. First it was water, then it’s wine, then you drank it and it’s definitely wine.

Major cervical healing

Several years ago I taught a class on the Holy Spirit related to Jesus ministry. Jesus did “show and tell,” he taught about the kingdom and then demonstrated it.  I negotiated with the college Dean to be able to demonstrate my teaching on the Holy Spirit with evidence as Jesus did with His disciples. This is a Bible College for many who would become ministers or had a calling and would eventually become ministers.

On the first night of the class, I felt compelled to hold up a bottle of water and let the class see it as water and try to be the disciples at the Cana Wedding.  What happened at Cana was water turned into wine.  I asked, how would you react if during this class this water changed into wine.  I placed the bottle in the room for all to see and began my teaching.  

Jesus was and still is, action oriented. That is something that a large majority of believers can not relate too based on their experiences. They know the scriptures but cannot do any miracles as the early church did. The Pharisees had the exact same issue. Jesus went throughout Galilee healing every manner of sickness while the teachers of Moses law had a blank look in their face because they could do nothing. The Moses did many many miracles too. Imagine the tension with Jesus appearing in Israel and being similar to Moses. Ouch! The dynamics were large. The more Jesus did and taught, the greater exposure of who the Pharisees and Saducees were and were not in the sight of the people in that current time.

Everything Has Ears

“By faith, we understand that the worlds [during the successive ages] were framed (fashioned, put in order, and equipped for their intended purpose) by the word of God so that what we see was not made out of things which are visible.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:3‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

It would be hard to number the number of times that this passage has been preached from pulpits in church settings. Jesus gave credit to the Centurion soldier for having more faith than the nation of Israel.  Obviously, the Roman guard understood authority, the chain of command and it’s relationship to giving orders to subordinates and the results he got from this authority. Jesus recognized the soldier’s perception of Jesus authority. It was a daily routine for the Roman leaders to get things done by giving orders.  Those under his rule heard the commands and carried it out.  The Roman commanders spoke the orders and the underlings did what was said. 

We today for the most part across the denominational lines consider “faith” as a theology.  A belief system comprised of doctrines and beliefs.  The Nicene Creed is one of the doctrines of faith held by streams of Christianity that spawned out of the church in 325AD.     

Matthew 8:5-13

5 As Jesus went into Capernaum, a centurion came up to Him, begging Him,

6 And saying, Lord, my servant boy is lying at the house paralyzed and [c]distressed with intense pains.

7 And Jesus said to him, I will come and restore him.

8 But the centurion replied to Him, Lord, I am not worthy or fit to have You come under my roof; but only speak the word, and my servant boy will be cured.

9 For I also am a man subject to authority, with soldiers subject to me. And I say to one, Go, and he goes; and to another, Come, and he comes; and to my slave, Do this, and he does it.

10 When Jesus heard him, He marveled and said to those who followed Him [[d]who adhered steadfastly to Him, conforming to His example in living and, if need be, in dying also], I tell you truly, I have not found so much faith as this [e]with anyone, even in Israel.

Authority to perform miracles is in the containers of believers. The resurrection power of Jesus Christ lives inside of each of us who believe. It’s like having a tradesmen’s tool pouch on loaded with tools. The work gets done because the tradesmen uses the tools. Conversely no work gets done if the tools are never used.

Miracle of the Hard Heart

On a Sunday morning in the church we belonged to for 10 years, I was asked to come to the platform by my pastor. After the musical worship he felt like their was an anointing to heal the sick. So he called on me to come forward. I went up with no idea what I was to do. The auditorium was almost full with about 250 people seated. As soon as I arrived to the platform one of the sisters took her teenage daughter with her and came forward. She had a knee injury and was in a lot of pain. I did what I had learned to do. I simply told the knee to be healed. Then I asked her to check her knee, do something with your knee that you could not do before without pain appearing. She did what I said and smiled. I asked, how does it feel, she replied, the pain is all gone. I announced to the service attendees that her knee was just healed. Faith spread throughout the auditorium. You could almost see it. Within minutes of people raising their hands throughout the auditorium acknowledging their need for healing, I instructed those sitting nearby to lay hands on them as I prayed a prayer of command to be healed. This took only a minute or two as I watched from the platform. I could see the reactions of excitement as something obvious was happening. Then I asked for a show of hands of those who knew they were healed and about 20 hands went up in the air. I told them to keep their hands in the air so everyone could look around and see them. About 20 people had their hands raised. It was a “wow moment.” Among those seated in the congregation was several young men who had come to church with a woman. These guys had a particular look on their faces. They were not attending by choice. They were there because of a girlfriend and better said reluctantly or under compulsion. These guys were what I called “gospel hardened.” Being raised in urban Milwaukee, they had seen to many Christians living “not that committed,” they know the fakes and their are a lot of them. I then asked from the platform if there was anyone here that came in today’s service with a hard heart and you felt your heart become softened by what you saw here. I asked, please raise your hand. I saw five hands go up. They were brave and bold. They were eye witnesses of God’s love all around them. They recognized a genuine move of God and it leaped on them too. That is the anointing. There was no preaching to them, no arguing on God’s behalf to change their mind. The anointing sat on them by what they saw and their hard heart was healed. Five men. To me, that was the best event of the morning.

Sunday Morning Anointing

Preparing to battle the Anti-Christ

The Last Days have been a topic of conversation of late. Covid-19 and the City Riots have a lot of people thinking and talking. I am among those who expect a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Earth before the return of Christ in what many call the “rapture of the church.” This “outpouring” has been assigned many different descriptions such as the “Great Harvest, Glory Awakening, Great Awakening, Revival, Latter Rain, all as one of many. Matthew 24 and Luke 21 bring an elaboration of Jesus about the Last Days. Some of those days were during the disciples days such as the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the rest many believe will be the last days of the church’s window of time before the promised return of Jesus to the Mount of Olives, the place He ascended into heaven from when the first disciples were still with Him. This book is not intended to be a presentation of the timing of Jesus’ return. This book will be more about the Ekklesia or the body of believers before the return of Christ. A time of great darkness upon the world. A time when many types of Christ will be collectively, regionally and individually taking on the powers of darkness in the full maturity of believers. A time that many saints of old longed to see. Here is how I see it as the ONE who is fully capable to do these things. Jesus the son of God working from the inside of us. We always have been capable of doing such things, we just have not done it in such large numbers before.

Elijah Calls Down Fire

We are introduced to Elijah while he confronts the prophets of Baal and calling down fire from heaven to help Israel distinguish who is the God of Israel. What we don’t know about Elijah and so many other Bible characters is how did they get to this place of power and authority? Although what I have to say may be a teaching, it’s really a message from heaven about what is around the corner for God’s ekklesia.

For years I would have a repetitive dream about 2 men filled with a spirit of violence that would come directly in front of me with the purpose of doing me harm. I felt the fear and violence that rolled off of them creating an atmosphere of intimidation. It was very strong and I was afraid. I did not know where this dream was going but in each dream, the presence of God would come so powerfully. Peace filled my being and the men fell to floor and shook there being overtaken by God’s presence. The last dream I had like that, I knew what to do, fear was not present and I knew to call God’s presence and got the same results, down to the floor they went, completely subdued by the Holy Spirit. Identity is a big part of who we are and owning that identity is what the Lord wants for each of us. In 2018, I was at O’Hare Airport in Chicago waiting to get my daughter on a plane back to Australia. While sipping a coffee at the airport we were approached by a pan handler asking for money. We have done street and park ministry for years and have learned that this is a way to support their drug/alcohol problem. I told the man “no,” I can’t help you. He did not accept that and in anger asked again. This time my wife told him to go get a job. She knew he was using anger to manipulate us. You have to know her to understand her intent. His reply was, “I can blow your ear drums out.” Just like that. This brought the husband out of me quickly. I looked him straight in the eyes and said come Holy Spirit. His face went blank, he took 3 steps backwards and briskly walked away. I’ve been an unending student of learning to carry and release God’s presence. I recognize I have been in a slow process since 2013 with the Holy Spirit building my identity to confront darkness without fear. In that year the Holy Spirit dumped Psalms 104:4 on me.

“Who makes winds His messengers, Flames of fire His ministers.”

Psalms 104:4 AMP

I felt like I was dancing with the verse, a rhema word. Again, slowly over the years I was getting messages for people that was bearing fruit. My limited opportunities kept me giving these messages to individuals. In 2018, I was invited by some good friends in ministry to assist in a men’s encounter, a type of retreat. In the week previous to the encounter I watched Charlie Shamp and Munday Martin do a fire circle with some teens on a street via YouTube. That video stuck with me. Before the men began to arrive for the retreat the leadership team gathered to pray and the Holy Spirit prompted me to do a fire circle. The men asked, what is that? I said, let’s join hands and let’s see what happens. I asked the Holy Spirit to come with fire. I told the men when you feel strong heat, just share with us all where the heat is on your body. The men got very emotional immediately as they began to share. Fire hit us all. It was a sign, wonder and a visitation. Excitement filled the atmosphere. That weekend God did a lot healing miracles. Every man had a healing take place in their body. All quick miracles, “now you have it now you don’t kind of thing.” Each man had heat came on that body part first. Healing miracles started happening in my ministry in high percentages of success in 2015. I’m still in training but the reason I am writing this word is because I feel God has been doing this same thing to so many others as if we are being sautéed slowly. The time of finishing is almost here for us as a prophetic church. The Spirit of Elijah is coming and we will find ourselves confronting darkness with the confidence and authority of Elijah. Our ability to bring the power of the gospel to some pretty dark characters. God is anointing so many with boldness and courage to bring demonized men and women into the kingdom.

Tim The Insurance Man

I sat and listened to Tim from the Insurance company describe the costs and benefits. We were near the end of all my questions when I started getting that little nudge that I have become so familiar with over the years. It was the nudge of the Holy Spirit and I knew that God was wanting to speak to Tim. I then started getting a picture of the words “5 to 6 months.” I did not know why or what it meant. I suspected he might. So I asked if I could ask him something. Of course he agreed. We just had a long line of questions and answers. I asked him if there is an event that he was aware of that might be a life shifting event in about 5 or 6 months. He did the math right away and said, about May? I said, that would be about right and he said, “no, nothing that I can think of.” I then said, well God is going to do something really good for you then. He is going to make sure that what ever happens then will be good for you. Tim took only a second to process what I just said, and responded, “you are making me tear up.” He was, I could see it. Then so did I. God was visiting us at that Starbucks table. It took a second to begin to process. I realized it was nothing I said. It was who was behind what I said. The Holy Spirit. I just “opened up heavens realm” for the Love of God to descend. It certainly did. It was so apparent and so strong. Strong? You might think? Well two grown men sitting in a public restaurant/coffee house sat talking about insurance and now we both have tears in our eyes. Think about it.

Wait there is more. I asked if Tim had a relationship with Him. He said, I was raised Lutheran and right now my relationship with the Lord is stressed. I shook my head up and down showing the empathy I felt. We all know those times of life’s disappointments that come through our misinterpretation of the goodness of God. God gets blamed for a lot of things He never does. Then He just keeps loving us and loving us. Many call Him “faithful” because that is what He is, even when we are not faithful.

The next impression I felt at the table was to tell him that over the next 2 or 3 days that God was going to visit him and “love on him.” I told him to have a handkerchief or Kleenex near by, because the Lord was going to heal him from whatever caused the stress. I did not know what the stress was. I did not have to know anything at all. I just needed to facilitate or be a host to the presence of God. He had this. “Be the messenger” and serve Tim with the Fathers love.

I don’t know if any of this was going to come to pass, but I may find out. I may not. That is not important to me. Once the heart and love of the Father roots into someone’s experience, then He takes over. What was important was the level of God’s presence and love that manifested out of nowhere. That was purely supernatural. God showed up in a Starbucks. I wonder how often God does that and the anti-God management of the Starbucks people know that Jesus comes and loves on people at their places of business. Starbucks ownership may be anti-God, but God is not anti-Starbucks. He loves everyone the same.